Maintenance Vol. 1 - Coming Soon

  1. Scholarship (Intro) (featuring LeftField Keele and Gardener) [produced by New Acts]
  2. Never Learn (featuring JD Era, Billy Danze, Raekwon and Percee P) [produced by The LJ]
  3. When It Was Real (featuring Tona, Show Stephens, C-Rayz Walz and AG da Coroner) [produced by Lone Monk]
  4. HISTORY (featuring Joseph Neale and CN3) [produced by David Neale]
  5. Checkmate (featuring Big Sant, JR and Tree) [produced by The LJ]
  6. Big Game (featuring NIKO IS, Rello and 4th Pyramid) [produced by Driffy Swindle]
  7. These Cigarettes (featuring Sweet Petey, Hamaal Edwards, KAi Sky Walker and Craig G) [produced by L’Orange]
  8. It’s Going Down (featuring The LJ, JR, Kid JD and Swisha T) [produced by Emperor Bohe]
  9. H.E.R. (featuring The Other Guys, Taurean MC of The Caravan, D-Sisive and Sadat X) [produced by The Other Guys]
  10. Rehabilitated (Outro) (featuring Friday aka Ricky Dred and LeftField Keele) [produced by Mr. Green]

Executive produced by Scott Brownhill for Scholars Entertainment.

Mastered by The LJ at The Cave.

Album artwork by Matt Andres.